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Design Dragons Japanese Tattoo Culture

Design Dragons Japanese Tattoo Culture
A Japanese tattoo design can be one of the most amazing works of art, but finding the calibre graphics online can be hornlike a aggregation of the time. Well, it doesn't hit to be that way anymore. Here are whatever things you need to undergo most a aggregation of the generic designs on the internet and how to avoid them.

If you were like me and so whatever others I hit seen, then you hit scoured the internet, trying to find top notch graphics online. Whether it's a Japanese tattoo design or whatever of the thousands of styles out there, it's hornlike to intend right to the beatific stuff. One abstract you must remember is that you do not hit to resolve for a Google search, or content from whatever random, cookie-cutter website that happens to hit a aggregation of tattoos. A aggregation of these places hit graphics that is over six or seven years old anyway.
Design Dragons Japanese Tattoo CultureOne more thing most those cookie-cutter websites when searching for the eventual Asian tattoo design...

It has something to do with the artists that submit the artwork, which is especially crucial for any presented Asian tattoo design. A aggregation of them do not have much noesis when it comes to tattoos, so they do not know what it takes to entertainer something that module countenance meet as good once it is made into real-life tattoos. Sure, they strength be good at what they do, which is draw, but a bunch of them do not know how to entertainer something that module countenance good from computer screen or paper onto someone's skin. This is especially crucial when choosing a Asian tattoo design, because they crapper be very complicated and detailed pieces.

The good programme is that there are ultimate structure around that generic artwork online...

It every starts with internet forums. You would not believe that turn of aggregation you crapper encounter most any presented subject, especially tattoos and the top cutting places that have original art. There is bound to be dozens of hidden websites that have any original Asian tattoo design you want. What you have to remember most forums is that grouping love to brag when they encounter a hidden treasure, such as a website that has tons of quality prowess that has not been plastered every over the internet. This is where you crapper encounter tattoos from artists that know what they are doing and crapper entertainer something that module countenance meet as good once inked onto your skin. Heck, you haw even encounter an artist that module entertainer you a Asian tattoo design.

I have found so many different places through the ingest of forums and I continue to ingest them to this period for tattoos and ideas. People encounter new websites and places every single period and forums are where the aggregation gets to the other grouping that couldn't encounter it. When it comes to choosing your eventual choice of Asian tattoo design, you should have recreation while also not settling for something you don't rattling want.

Finding the amend Asian tattoo design on the internet does not have to be hard anymore and you don't have to settle for every of the generic artwork online.

Best Design of Japanese Tattoo Culture

Best Design of Japanese Tattoo CultureThe Asian tattoo art have absent a long artefact in such a artefact that it passed individual transformation punctuation in the story of Japan. There are other names associated to the art of tattoo making. Irezumi means that a circumpolar tattoo is covering the large part of your body, such as your back. If you are interested to grace your embody with Asian tattoos, it would be saint if you know also its story and meaning.

The Evolution of Asian Tattoo Art

Early History

According to historians, the tattoo making in Japan was a strong impact by the Chinese culture. During the early years tattoo making is just a tradition done by Ainu people who used facial tattoos. When Buddhism became prevalent in Japan this form of body prowess had gained perverse connotations because the tattoo is used to refer criminals as a form of punishment.
Best Design of Japanese Tattoo CultureEdo Period

The tattoo making during the Nigerian punctuation became a taboo to the Japanese gild because it is used by prostitutes. The yujos inked embody art in their embody to draw customers that is why tattoo has gained negative impact in the society.
Best Design of Japanese Tattoo CultureModern Japan

Due to the development and innovation in the society, the Asian tattoo art has also developed. Nowadays, embody art has gained popularity not only for younger grouping but the adults alike. For younger grouping they take this impact of art just to keep in the fashion trend but for others they place tattoo in their embody for some sentimental reasons. Upon lettered the transitions of tattoo art in Japan you will surely appreciate to hit some of the designs and symbols inked in your body.
Best Design of Japanese Tattoo CultureYou can find assorted variety of tattoo art online and even in your local tattoo shop. If you are interested to learn this modify of art you can buy books that could support you learn the techniques in tattoo making. Aside from enjoying the tattoo making it can support you obtain added income by rendering service for body art. However, make trusty that you know all the procedures and equipments used before you stake in tattoo making.
Best Design of Japanese Tattoo CultureThis modify of embody prowess lets you express yourself through the designs inked in your body. However, before you end to garner one, it is ideal that you make wide choices. Likewise, it is also important that you determine what design would represent best your character and personality. Remember to select a design that has a message relevant in your life or has meaning to you.

New Design Chinese Tattoo 2010

New Design Chinese Tattoo 2010Chinese tattoos become with digit problem: they get on very easily, so make sure that the tattooist tells you the meaning of the sign or the words utilised in the design and whether the mark or of words will have a significant meaning in the years. So, ever consult with native Chinese speakers before getting the tattoo ink so you do not end with the Chinese tattoo symbols meaning when translated.
New Design Chinese Tattoo 2010# If you hit a friend who knows Chinese, then ask them most the grandness of popular signs and symbols or Asiatic text that you might poverty to get a tattoo. Always prizewinning to enquire with people who undergo the aspects of Asiatic culture. Do not depend on the tattoo artist at random as he probably module verify you to ride.

# If you get your study tattooed in Asiatic tattoo, then you staleness make allowance for the fact that there may be no literal representation, like the Asiatic character is assorted from Western languages. You may requirement to enquire with Asiatic friends again who module suggest the closest translation of your name. Check the meaning of the study China and try to find a symbolic name.

# Check out the calligraphy in which your study or your selection phrase module presently tattoos. In English, we hit calligraphy ranging from classic cartoons; modern technical and some other types of writing. So, if you dare to choose a study or the study of sweet, so make sure you do research most the style of Asiatic calligraphy which is written in an appropriate style and not finally seem childish or silly.
New Design Chinese Tattoo 2010Classical Chinese tattoo on appeal and hit found a new lease of popularity as a Hollywood honor to intend a tattoo done china, in letters, symbols and signs. The most common is the identify of tattoo tattoos intend your name in the Chinese Tattoo alphabet. Chinese tattoo symbolizes the mystical appeal of the Far East and as such, they hit a unchanged appeal.

Design of Koi Fish Tattoo China 2010

Design of Koi Fish Tattoo China 2010Others may encounter different meanings to it as a design for extremely sought and thoughtful so broad in every of Japan has embellish a symbol for every things good, strong and powerful. Because it makes a great tattoo designs. By Chris Ryerson
Design of Koi Fish Tattoo China 2010The meaning of this symbol has embellish so much that it's hard to be healthy to transmit in one paragraph. This crapper mean some different things. For example on Children's Day in a group of at least quaternary Asian koi and often fly together at the flagpole. Thus, seek crapper be regarded as a symbol of family strength and unity. Since legend says that the koi tattoo seek swim upstream was also a symbol of power, effort and overcome obstacles in life. In this same varicosity is also a symbol of courage. Asian people conceive that the koi tattoo so brave when it was caught and placed on the chopping block to be killed was not vibrate like other fish, but dare to accept death and fate as a person, especially someone with the spirit of the Samurai had to accept their lives and fallen short.
Design of Koi Fish Tattoo China 2010Koi fish has long been a conception of Asian life. At almost every temple and shrine there is a small koi pond. Koi fish is also famous as Carp is famous throughout China and Japan. The news originally came from the teachings of Gautama in Chine where he believes koi fish module move upstream and go against the flow and modify waterfalls. The myth states that every koi fish that can move in the Yellow river and waterfalls up in a locate titled Dragon Gate myth turned into a dragon. Therefore koi tattoo China module stand for strength and power, and progress. The same idealism is adoptive in all of Japan. It was adoptive in Nihon to a take that has embellish conception of everyday chronicle and ritual. Even the big flag air koi Boy's Day to fete the strength, energy and power that should have a son.

Butterfly Tattoo on Lower Back

Lower Back Butterfly TattooLower Back Butterfly Tatoo

Lower Back Butterfly TattooLower Back Butterfly Tatoo

Lower Back Butterfly TattooLower Back Butterfly Tatoo

Lower Back Butterfly TattooLower Back Butterfly Tatoo

Koi, Session two, Japanese Tattoo made in Japan!

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

Although, Today I could see how weak my lines still are! (Partly due to the rush last session as I wanted draw all the lines in one session, even tho, I only had a short time). But no excuses! Tattoo requires of you! No excuses! Only discipline, skills and concentration! Anyway, I know I’ll fix this, while doing the shading, then go over the lines I want to make stronger! Also, yoday/today, I was very honoured due to the visit of a special guest, who came to me, to show me his amazing traditional japanese Back piece! I also was the first foreigner he ever met and spoke to, so it was a really amazing experience for me to exchange and share true respect; and love for tradition and the japanese/human spirit. Tattoos can be very intimate and private in Japan! Thank you for the honour! It was a real gift from life, to welcome him, and see the tattoo alive on him! I can tell you that guy had a really strong and beautiful spirit! That is what I love about Japanese People! You can be strong, and very humble!
Heart to Heart! Never lost in translation!

I chose to treat this piece more like a painting, so I’ll keep my spontanity flowing! Today some black and some shading!

The Best Tattoos For Girls

The Best Tattoos For Girls
The Best Tattoos For Girls
The Best Tattoos For Girls

A quantity of the best tattoos for girls are the ones that are all about trends. From Japanese prints to Betty Boop and barbed-wire armbands, the motives for girl's tattoos are as varied as the girls themselves. The most popular tattoos for girls are the ones that say something about the respective female and that will have the most thought and the feeling behind each and every one.

Plenty of people ask their tattoo designer or friends that know tattoo designers what a quantity of the best designer tattoos for girls these days are. The answer might be surprising to both mate and the overall grouping of the gender of female.

The art of tattoos has taken off historically few years. From a male-dominated activity in which sailors, servicemen and motorbike gangs had their mother's name on their shoulders, to the college freshmen girls that have a butterfly on their ankle, tattoos have come along way.

Plenty of of the styles are now rising to the top as a quantity of the most beloved by the plethora of girls across the world. Added to that the feeling that a woman's body is a canvas and they is an artist, has opened the door to plenty of other designs that are both personal and highly eclectic in nature.

A great way to see and experience the top tattoos for girls is in a short list.

Plenty of girls go to the tattoo parlor and look at different designs and find inspiration that way. With so plenty of great and colorful designs to pick from, girls seldom leave without finding something they love. Unless there is a positive significance or meaningful tattoo design that must be placed on the body, the female is apt to select something that defines her beauty and grace.

* Traditional Americana
* Old-School Images
* Classic Cars Pinups
* Nautical Stars
* Irezumi
* Koi Fish Dragons
* Floral Designs
* Roses Lotus Flowers Orchids

A quantity of best tattoos for girls are ones that are individualistic and meaningful either in words or memories. This could be a favorite rock concert or a long-lost fella who has not been forgotten. It does not matter what the actual design is, what matters is that there is a reason for placing this permanently on the body. It takes a lot to have one's body branded and colored painfully as well, and this is important to make the right decision when selecting a great tattoo. The most important thing is not to receive a tattoo on a whim or without great thought and to pick a tattoo that says something about your spirituality and special characteristics.

One of the most popular tattoo designs for plenty of females these days is of their babies. The names of Candy and Sally are now placed on positive parts of their body paying homage to their offspring. Although this is not a new realm in the tattoo world, it is new for women as mostly men were the ones that put their children's name on their shoulders and chest.

How to Find Best Cross Tattoo Designs Using These Ideas

Best Cross Tattoo Designs
Best Cross Tattoo Designs

Tattoos can be compared to love that means everlasting. If in case you decided to get tattooed somewhere in your body, always expect that it will last forever. And no matter how desperate you are in removing it, the scars will still remain. Among tattoos, cross tattoo designs are widely selected by both men and women. It is because cross symbolizes lots of things. It doesn't matter whether you are a member of Christian religion or not, you still have these so-called body accessories.

There's several kinds of cross tattoo designs. Some are simple while others are filled with different designs like curves and circles. And to make it more realistic, designers used to mix cross designs with unusual things such as thorns, nails and leaves. Christians have wide faith and cross are being portrayed for the reason that Jesus Christ will return from the dead.

Cross tattoo designs are not meant for Christian members. Any two ca receive a cross tattoo and there's lots of selections to select from. in case you require to receive a cross design tattoo, here are fours of the best ideas that you can opt to have:

Celtic cross tattoos
Celtic cross involves a combination of cross and rings. This design is made and surrounded by intersections. Celtic crosses are not created for Christians by also to honor the family's history associated with Celtic. In most cases, getting a Celtic cross design tattoos means you are a member of an exclusive relatives.

Crucifix (wood cross tattoos)
This is the standard design used by tattoo artists. Usually, people receive a crucifix tattoo to commemorate Jesus Christ's death. Although, this design is simple, wooden cross can be also mixed with different styles and blends of colors.

Tribal cross tattoos
These designs us the same as Celtic crosses. However, the boarders are usually created with a strong blend of bold black color. In some cases, tribal cross design is made with sharper ends or pointed edges. Tribal cross design tattoos have nothing to do with religion. These are awesome designs often used by people who require to recall anyone they love.

Tattoos are available in lots of different designs. Mentioned above are only a number of them. Cross tattoo designs have been popular over the years. And even teenagers today are still fond of getting cross design tattoos. In spite of being a religious symbol, these tattoos are used to showcase one's fashion above all.

The Best Side Tattoos For Men - The Coolest in Tattoos Designs and Ideas

The Best Side Tattoos For MenRata Tengah
Side tattoos are making a massive splash in 2010 & are definitely going to be two of the top tattoo locations of the year if not the top. Side tattoos were always kept for the more hardcore tattoo enthusiasts historically as they can be more painful to get done. However, with so plenty of people getting tattoos these days & everyone wanting to be different from the crowd side tattoos are definitely a hot & in style item. That does not mean run out & get your side tattooed with the first flash picture you find at your tattoo shop. In lieu take your time & think about the possibilities of getting a side tattoo design & look for some resources & styles you like & then work with an artist to design your own distinctive tattoo design. If you need a high quality tattoo that you will love for years to come you must take a methodical approach to the design.

Tribal Side Tattoos - Of work there is the nice ol' standby of tribal tattoo designs. These have been popular throughout the 1990's as have always been a massive item for men. The strong bold shapes & lines along with the black color make for a strong statement that plenty of men like in their tattoos. These work well as a side tattoo & when done on the side they are definitely an update to the overdone & overused shoulder tribal design. Some other ways to update a tribal design & do something that will differentiate your tattoo a bit is to go with a specific style of tribal & not the new age mismatch of ambiguous tribal designs. In lieu pick a Hawaiian or Samoan or Maori tribal design & go with a traditional style.

Here are a number of the current ideas for side tattoos for men. This is not an exhaustive list of all the possibilities but a number of the top ones that plenty of men like.

Dragons - Dragons have always been popular & they seem perfectly fitted for a side tattoo. Any area on the body that is not thick works well for a dragon tattoo so the dragon can fly in & out of or on & off of a side & interweave between it. There's the more English & Western style dragons that they always think of when playing fantasy & adventure games but there's also the more traditional Japanese & Chinese style dragons that work well also.

Script Word & Written Tattoos - These are all the anger right now & look to continue being popular & in style. The great thing about word tattoos & sayings is it is easy to convey a message with them no worry about trying to communicate through symbolism. Now you can say it in words. Not only that the script & font can become a major part of the design themselves & make for a great looking tattoo.

Koi Fish - Koi fish are of work popular in Japanese tattoo designs & the story & symbolism behind them make for a powerful & symbolic side tattoo. Also the blend of blue water & gold yellows & oranges of the fish work well together in a side tattoo. Also since the fish is crooked up ward & sort of jumping out of the water a side tattoo is a great location for this design. The water can splash around the side & onto the stomach & back of the tattoo location as well as the fish bend & twist around the side. This makes for complexity in the design that it catches & holds the viewers attention & draws the eyeball in to the design.

Above are three of the more popular ideas & trends for side tattoos for men & design that they might like. There's of work plenty of other design option s out there. It is important to carefully research & use resource materials to bring to your tattoo artist to easily describe the look & feel you are after & then turn over what you have your ideas & photos or resources to the tattoo artist & let them go to town. You will finish up with a cooler tattoo then you ever imagined.

Top Tattoo Designs For Men and Women in 2010 - Early Predictions I Stake My Reputation On

Top Tattoo Designs For Men and Women in 2010

Top Tattoo Designs For Men and Women in 2010

Yup you read that title right even though it is still very early in the year it is easy to spot to top tattoo trends & what will be the hottest in tattoo designs for 2010. These trends are so hot that six cannot ignore the sizable spikes in searches that will produce this year's top tattoo designs for both men & women. So here is our vote or prediction for the whole 2010 & even in to 2011 year in the world of tattoos.

There's so plenty of here it is a bit hard to narrow them down as it look like the entire field or world of tattoo designs will continue to grow by leaps & bounds throughout the next three years as it's for the past 5 or so years.
Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoo designs are catching on sizable time. They have always been around & there's always been artists that specialize in generating authentic Japanese tattoo designs here in the west however, it's typically been more a fringe movement & had fewer devotees. However, this will alter in fact it already has. Right now it is a micro trend of sorts with some short spikes of growth but it is going to catch on large over the next year. This will include Japanese cherry blossom tattoos, koi fish, Geisha & Samurai as well as dragon designs. Most of these will be used on the popular locations on the body found below.

Ambigram Tattoos

Ambigrams are hard to report if you have not seen them before. It is a very visual puzzle that cannot report or translate well in words as funny as that might seem since they are made up of words. Ambigram tattoos are essential the art of taking three word designs & then putting together so a person can read six word when the tattoo is held upright & another word when it is flipped over. These are very popular & tie well in to the whole literary & word tattoo trend as well as they work & look great on the forearm which is & a popular location right now.

Literary & Word Tattoos

Of work there's so plenty of different ways to refer to these tattoo designs there's the simple six word tattoos on the wrist that celebrities like to get. There's the foreign language tattoos & even the sayings & poem tattoos. This would also include the whole kanji, Arabic & Celtic tattoo designs. Anything that features writing or letters as the main part of the tattoo would fall in to this section & it is currently six of the hottest trends & quickly growing bigger by the day.

These are a quantity of the most popular trends right now based on what people are looking for, search engine trends & feedback from tattoo shop owners. They are provided here to give some ideas to those looking for what to get tattooed. However, it is never advisable to jump blindly on the bandwagon because someone said it was popular. In lieu find thing that you like & if it matched with six of the designs then great. These are meant to spark your own original & distinctive tattoo designs & ideas. These are trends that interestingly are equally popular with both sexes male & female.

If you are seriously thinking about getting six of these hot tattoo ideas then it is best to check out online the large amount of tattoo design resources out there. They can give you more ideas & resources & even designs to get started in generating your own distinctive high quality tattoo.

Top 4 Lower Back Tattoo Designs Revealed


In your search for lower back tattoo designs, finding the one that suites you can be tough. Recent statistics show that 1 in 5 women who have a tattoo have it on their lower back which supports a rise in ink in this location. With a few places on a woman's body being considered sensual, it's not hard to see why their becoming more popular.


Of the two most attractive locations on a female's body to get a tat, the lower back and neck would be the top two. The main reason for this is the ease in which they can be hidden. When you're at work in the office they can be easily covered by a shirt. And on Friday night after work they can be put on full display with some low cut jeans and a tight fitting high riding shirt.


Listed below are some of the more popular lower back tattoo designs:

1) Dolphin Tattoos - Due to the cute nature of these designs, they are a favorite among women.

2) Flower Designs - These are a popular choice for women especially on the lower back.

3) Tribal Designs - These are the most common. There are a wide variety of Tribal designs ranging from Celtic to Sun.

4) Dragon Designs - You'll find these on more risque and adventurous women.


Deciding on a tattoo can be pretty tough. There is no shortage of designs out there so it's a good idea evaluate a few and don't rush into any decisions. It's easy to second guess yourself. For this reason it's a good idea to take a few days to make sure you make the right decision. You don't want to rush into something and then later regret it. The decision to remove an unwanted tattoo later in life can be painful and expensive.


Be sure to dress appropriately when heading out to get your tattoo. This would entail loose fitting clothing that will enable the tattoo artist to work easily. Upon getting your tattoo, there are a few things you should consider. During the healing process, be sure to wear clothes that are not tight fitting. Scarring can occur if clothing is too tight and rubs on the tattooed area over a period of time.

Sexy Lower Back Tattoo Ideas - That's What Makes You Hot


It's hard for a lower back tattoo not to be sexy on a girl. Their placement makes it the perfect sexy tattoo, but there are some sexy tattoo designs that really get the juices flowing for the opposite sex.

If you're considering a back tattoo and don't want them to be too cutesy, there are designs out there for you that will really stand out when you want them to. Just be aware that these tattoos are visible whenever you bend over in most casual outfits so dress appropriately when you don't want to be the center of attention.


Symmetrical tattoo designs that branch from the spine out look really good on the back. If you're looking for some sexy symmetrical or spreading middle designs, these are some ideas for you:

• Vines spreading out with roses blooming from them look very sexy. Every rose has its thorn, right? A tattoo design like this is really enticing.

• Any sort of symmetrical henna design starting at the lower spine and swirling out looks great. These are always sure to grab attention.

• A fairy or butterfly wing design coming from the middle are really playful and sexy at the same time. What's better to feel like a goddess than to have wings that you can show off?


A string of stars or hearts, or even a bar code make for some more sexy lower back tattoos for girls. It's really hard to go wrong with a symmetrical tattoo design on your lower back.

If maybe symmetry isn't your thing and you want to branch out from that other girls get, then a standalone design can also look fantastic on your lower back. If you're not going for symmetry you can also get a lower back tattoo closer to one of your hips. You are not tethered to getting a tattoo in the middle of your lower back! Here are some sexy tattoo ideas for your lower back:


• A flower is always sexy, no matter where it is. A flower right in the middle might put some off, but if you're more bold, this is definitely the way to go! A beautiful rose or orchid tattoo design really says something about how bold you are.

• Chinese calligraphy makes for a great tattoo. Some may say it's an overdone, but having your name or a description of yourself tattooed on your lower back looks very sexy. Just be sure to make sure that what you think is getting tattooed onto your body is really what the tattooist says it is!


• An intricate sun or moon design tattooed on your lower back is a little classy and it looks good. There are thousands of detailed solar tattoos out there and they look fabulous. Want to be the rising sun or moonlight in your special someone's life? These sexy designs can help it happen.

These are just a few ideas, there are millions of sexy lower back tattoo designs for girls out there, symmetrical, in the center, off to the right, or off to the left. There is a specific one out there for you.

Japanese Yakuza Designs On The Sexy Girl Back


Japanese Yakuza Designs On The Sexy Girl Back

Bucking the trend of the usual intricate Japanese Yakuza designs - this one is nice and simple, red and black with a dragon motif. It's a fairly sparse tattoo as well, especially when you consider the types of tattoos Shoko Tendo has. Still, this tattoo is nicely done and very attractive.

A Men Tattoos Desain Gallery Picture With Design Heart Tattoo On The Body

A Men Tattoos Desain Gallery Picture With Design Heart Tattoo On  The Body
In this tattoo design clear the picture of a man wearing a tattoo heart design. Some wear heart tattoo on his arm, wearing a heart design tattoo on his chest. There are so many heart tattoo theme that also has its own meaning for the wearer. There were heart tattoo design in combination with tulisa, flowers, knives, crosses a very unique and attractive design.

Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos
Sailors used stars and the North Star for navigation, so it’s not hard to see why so many of them have nautical star tattoos. They function as a guide to get them back home safely. The nautical star tattoo was meant to keep them safe and guide them safely back to their home port especially since maritime travel was so perilous and there was always a level of uncertainty associated with their travels. Also today, people have nautical star tattoos for similar reasons because you can rely on them when you are lost in your life, they are a light in the darkness. The nautical star has different meaning in different cultures or communities. In Ireland the nautical star is a symbol for good health, it’s an old Pagan symbol you can find in certain Irish hospitals even today. The nautical star tattoo has a special meaning in the gay and lesbian community. Some gay and lesbian people have a nautical star tattooed on their wrist as a sign of their disposition. The wrist is chosen because it can be easily covered with a watch or bracelet. And oddly enough, it’s also a favorite among many celebrities regardless of the sexual orientation.
Nautical Star Tattoos
This nautical star tattoo shows how an ordinary design can be jazzed up by reworking it a little bit. The top picture is the nautical star tattoo as it was originally designed and the bottom picture is the nautical star tattoo reinvented with a lot of color. The person evidently decided he wanted to bring the design up a notch. But, why would a person get one of these designs in the first place. Well, I believe the bearer of this tattoo wanted to celebrate the history of it. See, nautical star tattoos date back over a century ago with sailors looking for some sort of direction, guidance, protection, and safe return home. In the early days, sailors counted on the stars for navigation. Sailors relied on the stars to direct them correctly, putting all their faith in them that the stars would never fail them in their return trips home. This is what began the now common sailor tattoo, the nautical star. The star symbolized this and their path home. Soldiers are also fond of this tattoo for similar reasons. Now days, the symbolic meaning has taken a bit of a spin but not far off what the sailors used this tattoo to symbolize. Today, when people get a nautical star tattoo it can come with various meanings to them, some in remembrance of a sailor or solider in their life, with others it can mean direction in their own life.

Sparkling Tattoo Gallery

Sparkling Tattoo GallerySparkling Tattoo Gallery

Sparkling Tattoo GallerySparkling Tattoo Gallery

Sparkling Tattoo GallerySparkling Tattoo Gallery

Sparkling Tattoo GallerySparkling Tattoo Gallery

Sparkling Tattoo GallerySparkling Tattoo Gallery