Japanese Dragon Tattoos - Tips for Finding the Perfect Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoos
Japanese Dragon Tattoos
Let's start. The dragon has long been an important symbol in Japanese mythology. The Japanese dragon is a fascinating creature with the head of a camel, eyes of a hare, horns of a deer, scales of a carp, paws of a tiger, & claws of an eagle. Additionally, Japanese dragons also commonly have long whiskers as well as a jewel under its chin.

Don't get Japanese Dragon Tattoos until you read this. After reading this short editorial, you will be more well informed & able to make a better choice when selecting your Design.

Plenty of people are attracted to the beauty of these mystical creatures, but few people truly know what they symbolize. Japanese dragons, like their Chinese counterparts, are distinct from Western dragons. Whereas in Western culture they are depicted as wicked & malevolent, dragons in Japanese Mythology are viewed as guardians of the imperial families. For this reason, plenty of people chose the Japanese dragon to serve as a guardian & protector. In Japan, a dragon is normally called "Ryu" (You might recall Ryu from Street Fighter). These mythical beasts command a high level of respect since it is believed that the first emperor of Japan was descended from a dragon. In Japan, these creatures are also viewed as gods of lighting & thunder.

Popular locations for Japanese dragon tattoos include full back & upper arm designs. For upper arm designs, the dragon typically wraps around the arm, with the head extending onto the chest or back region. This however should not limit your decision on where to place this tattoo. The style & location of your design should be personal & unique, as these factors will ultimately decide the meaning of your tattoo.